The resting splint can be created in a different way compared other OrthoSOLID products. Because the intended use is especially for people with spasms or paralysis, it is verry hard to scan such a patients limb. Therefore you recreate the limb in a 3D version and then make the splint around it.

The VOLAR resting splint is a splint that covers the palmar (volar) side of the forearm, wrist, hand fingers and thumb. You can create and adjust it through the OrthoSOLID® platform, by measuring length and width parameters of the limb.

Two versions of the product are available: a static and a hinged splint at wrist level.


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VOLAR – resting splint

By entering 12 measurements into the platform you create the required 3D hand identical to the patients size or requirements. In the next step you control dimensions and adjust the joint angles of hand and fingers when necessary. If measured correctly the orthosis has a superb fit. By printing the shell in PA11 we create a high-quality, lightweight orthosis with a minimum of material but extremely durable. Good for your patient and the environment.

Selection of 3  finishing option:

  • Ready to apply splint including padding and straps
  • Semi- finished (splint + precut padding + 4 straps, non-attached)
  • The customised shell only

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VOLAR is suitable for:

  • Nerve injuries
  • Spasticity / Contractures of hand and fingers
  • Flaccid paralysis
  • Hand and forearm trauma
  • Stable fractures
  • Post-operative conditions requiring support
  • CVA
  • Cerebral Palsy


  • Different finishing options
  • Printed In house with HP MJF technology
  • Material : PA11