Create customised orthoses and prostheses through 3D printing

Enjoy the benefits of additive manufacturing

As orthopaedic O&P specialist, you know exactly your patients’ needs. Very straightforward, very fast and with high quality standard.

Curious about the possibilities of OrthoSolid®?

How does OrthoSolid® work?

OrthoSolid® is an online platform where orthotists and prosthetists can design and produce personalised orthoses and prosthetics using innovative 3D printing technology.

The online platform is very user-friendly. This way, you can easily and quickly create a durable prosthesis or orthosis tailored to your patient’s needs.

Efficient development and production process

  1. Upload scan to platform.
  2. Indicate anatomical reference points.
  3. Software optimises the fitting.
  4. Add any accessories.
  5. Personalise the design.
  6. Order and start the 3D printing production process.

OrthoSolid® Benefits

  • Simple measurement by scanning
  • Fast production through innovative 3D technology
  • 100% custom-made for the patient
  • Light design from strong material
  • Access to digital archive of already made products
  • Ecological: less waste and recycling possibilities
  • Easy to clean

Innovation is in our DNA. That is why we continue to optimise the performance of the platform and the quality of our products.

High-quality orthoses and prostheses through 3D printing

For your patient, a correct design and proper functioning of the orthosis or prosthesis is crucial. It influences their recovery and comfort. Therefore, we pay great attention to the quality of our 3D-printed orthopaedic devices.
That is why we have chosen the latest MJF printer from HP. With this premium 3D printer, we can guarantee you products with the highest quality, the lightest design and the strongest material.

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