The OrthoSOLID online platform combines your expert knowledge and the very best 3D printing technology for the creation of personalised orthopaedic devices.

The platform offers you a high-quality range of innovative prostheses and orthoses. It combines an intelligent design and production process with high-quality materials. This way, OrthoSOLID offers many advantages over traditional production techniques.

And your patients benefit from that, too.

How does OrthoSOLID® work?

  1. Upload the patient scan.
  2. The patient scan appears on the software platform.
  3. Specify anatomical points to personalise the device.
  4. The software adapts the device design according to the scanned body part and ensures a perfect fit.
  5. Customise and personalise the device.
  6. The device is ready to be ordered and 3D printed.

After your order, the device is immediately 3D-printed, exactly according to your design. The production of a mould is not necessary. This technology significantly reduces the amount of waste. In addition, plastic from used splints is easier to recycle. So OrthoSOLID also offers only advantages for the environment.

Would you like to try out OrthoSOLID?

All advantages in a row

  • Simple measurement via scan
  • Fast production through innovative 3D technology
  • 100% customised to the patient
  • Light design from strong material
  • Access to digital archive of manufactured products
  • Ecological: less waste and recycling possible
  • Easy to clean