We provide professional orthotists and prosthetists a software platform with a well-defined, high-quality innovative product portfolio. Our focus is on orthoses where 3D printing in combination with the material used can create huge innovative progress compared to traditional production techniques. Additive Manufacturing technology in combination with intelligent design will therefore create added value for all parties.



Upload the patient’s scan.


Patient’s scan appears on the software platform.


Denote anatomical points to personalise the product.


Software applies helmet on scanned head and ensures perfect fit.


Customize and personalize the helmet.


Helmet is ready to be ordered and printed.

Protection Helmet

After uploading the scan, product creation is done entirely through your interaction with the platform. This makes milling for mold production superfluous. Our software is intelligent enough to propose a custom fit of an orthosis on the body part to be processed. In addition, the technology allows you to make simple shape adjustments via the touchscreen. The platform also offers the possibility to add extra components in a later phase. OrthoSOLID® orthoses are easy to clean and therefore provide better hygiene for the user.


As a therapist you obtain a digital archive that facilitates product renewals. Data from a new size measurement can easily be compared with measured values ​​from the past.


Scanning and production via 3D printing has also ecological advantages because less waste is produced compared to plaster measurements and the creation of plaster moulds. Only the material that is required to create the exact shape of the splint or socket is being used in the printing process. Plastics from used splints should be easier to recycle.